We love natural healthy smiles.

Taking out teeth is always the last option. We want that visiting the dentist is Minimal Invasive Dentistry is always the first choice. Prevention comes beside.

We care for people, and their teeth.

Our team

Our team excellence drives our success.

It is our mission to provide exceptional dental care to our patients and at the same time, build a longlasting relationships of trust with them. We are passionate about what we do and we want our patients to feel confident that they will receive the best care dentistry has to offer.

Integrated Dentistry
Dentistry degree at the U.B.
Postgraduate in Oral Rehabilitation and CMD
PhD at the U.B.

Dra. Núria Noguerón Dorca

Integrated dentistry

«Patient needs and desires are always my first priority. Second one is, to establish a long-lasting relationship after the treatment is finished by designing a personalized unique maintenance plan.»

Dr. Manuel Noguerón Castro

Craniomandibular disorders

«After more than 40 years of experience, I still enjoy learning and seeing my patients regularly and work on solving all their problems, especially, craniomandibular disorders (muscle and temporomandibular joint soreness), which is a top disorder of the 21st century.»

Master in CMD

The orthodontist
Dentistry degree at the U.B.
Master in transparent Orthodontics Invisalign System®
♥ Menorca

Mar Burgos

The orthodontist

«Every patient deserves a good smile. The most important thing for me is to help him get it.»

Dentistry degree at the U.B.
Master in Integrated Adult Dentistry at the U.B.
♥ Climbing

Lidia Fdez. Ciria


«With your commitment and my work, we will manage to keep what nature has given to you: your teeth.»

Dental Technician
♥ Illustration

Albert Muñoz

Practice Manager

«I don’t want to be just your dental hygienist, but also the friend that goes along wiht you during your dental experience at our’s place.»

♥ Soccer

Edna Rodríguez

Client attendance & Assistant

«Everything starts with a smile. Mine is going to be the first thing you will see when you to come to visit us. You are in good hands.»

What we do

Quality & Experience

We all give you more than 50 years of dental care expertise. In order to provide successful treatment at long term, we only use the best materials and techniques.


Our dental care plan is not just focused on teeth, but on general health status. We do actively work with physiotherapists, breathing and speech therapist and other health professionals to help our patients improve their lifestyle.


We dream of a less polluted and plasticfree world. So we come to work walking or cycling, we recycle and always go for the reusable option instead of the single-use one, whenever is possible of course.


We are a cutting-edge and evidence based clinic.


We are committed to our treatments and our patients, and are proud to collaborate with nonprofit organizations to to the community in need.


Money should never be a burdeon to dental health. We can organize monthly payments for your treatments, usually with no extra cost.


Dr. Noguerón is a real pioneer in treating Craneomandibular Disorders: pain and discomfort in the face and sorrounding areas. 


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     L6 Gràcia, Sant Gervasi; L7 Pl. Molina
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